The environmental initiative “Cycle to Recycle” was launched.

Cycle to Recycle, an environmental initiative aimed at raising awareness of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), was launched on Tuesday and includes a cycling tour of downtown Doha Msheireb.
The event, organized by UN-Habitat in collaboration with the Foundation Education Above All (EAA), Msheireb and Doha Cyclists, brought together 30 participants from different sectors of society, the Minister of Culture of Morocco Othman El Ferdaos, the Executive Director of UN-Habitat Maimouna Mohd Sharif, Director General EAA Foundation Fahad al-Sulaiti and Rwandan cyclist Moise Mugisha.
UN-Habitat works in more than 90 countries, including 18 in the Arab region, supporting people in cities and towns for a better urban future.
“The idea why we’re doing this in downtown Msheireb is because it’s a sustainable city, we study sustainability, we promote good health and well-being, and we work with a UN agency called UN-Habitat,” said EAA Engagement Manager George Tavola. told the Gulf Times.
He said the Ooredoo-sponsored event took place on the sidelines of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and was part of EAA’s ongoing ‘Score 4 Goals’ campaign.
The campaign calls for action in support of the SDGs to encourage people around the world to contribute to a more peaceful and prosperous future for all.
While the EAA hosts a number of events at its pavilion at the FIFA Fan Festival throughout the World Cup, Tavola noted that its latest initiative is an offside activity aimed at promoting recycling through cycling, a carbon-neutral and sustainable form of transport.
Cyclists visited a number of green spaces, an electric charging station and the Msheireba electric tram (to promote electric vehicles as opposed to carbon-based transport technologies), as well as museums at MDD to learn more about Qatar’s history.
Cycle to Recycle, organizers said, also aims to create a movement that encourages alternative ways to promote more sustainable cities, including by shedding light on different types of mobility.
EAA Creative Director Mubarak Nasser Al-Thani said the event highlights the engagement between organizations in Qatar and UN-Habitat to work together to achieve the SDGs and the importance of using alternative sustainable transport such as cycling.
Before the start of the cycling tour, Sharif said in her speech: “You may wonder why we are mentioning sustainable development during this event. Soccer is a massive sport with millions of fans and followers. When people learn about the Sustainable Development Goals here, they will learn more and help us achieve more. This means we have a better chance of meeting our global goals by 2030.”
The event draws attention to SDG 7 (affordable and clean energy), SDG 8 (decent work and economic growth), SDG 9 (industry, innovation and infrastructure), SDG 11 (inclusive, safe, sustainable and resilient cities), and SDG 12 ( responsible patterns of consumption and production). Participants cruised through the streets of Msheireba to explore the features that make the area the world’s first smart and sustainable city center regeneration project.
“EAA is committed to using education to help change lives and create a better world for all, and perhaps nothing is more important than sharing knowledge about how we can all do something to create a cleaner, healthier future. Learning to do simple daily activities such as cycling, recycling and saving energy will go a long way towards achieving the 4 Sustainable Development Goals,” EAA Director General Fahad Al-Sulaiti said in a statement.
“Scoring 4 Goals” highlights the value of football in promoting sustainable development, peace, tolerance, inclusion and climate action. The campaign was launched three months ago at the UN General Assembly in New York and continues throughout the 2022 FIFA World Cup with daily activations and engaging discussions.
Msheireb Properties Director of Marketing and Communications, Dr. Hafez Ali Ali, said the event will be held in the heart of Doha, at MDD, a sustainable, eco-friendly urban area equipped with smart spaces, embodying Qatar’s true heritage.
He noted that MDD is now a role model for today’s sustainable cities in line with Qatar’s ambitious strategy to combat climate change and achieve low carbon emissions.
“We are proud to lead a new norm in the construction sector and are honored to share our knowledge and experience in this field to work together to achieve the UN SDGs,” said Dr. Ali.

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