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Formula E driver Lucas di Grassi has accused Sebastian Vettel of “economy” after the Aston Martin driver criticized the series in an interview.

Although Vettel has often voiced his concerns about climate change, he has long been skeptical of the all-electric racing series, saying ahead of its launch: “I don’t like it at all” and “I don’t think it’s the future.” .

Vettel, who will retire from F1 at the end of the year, told German weekly Zeit this week why he is not interested in working with Formula E.

“I don’t want to be a mascot and I don’t want to put my face out there for something that I’m not completely convinced of,” he said.

“I don’t understand the meaning [Formula E]. The battery technology being developed has nothing to do with the technology a normal car might use.

“It is not good for the environment if the batteries are not charged by renewable energy sources, but by fossil fuels.”

Di Grassi, the 2016-17 Formula E champion and the only driver to compete in all 100 races of the series, criticized Vettel in a series of social media posts.

“If Vettel doesn’t want to come to Formula E, that’s his choice,” he said. “Despite being the second highest-paid production single-seater in the world, it is still far from F1’s top earner.

“Now, by saying that car technology is less important to the future of cars, he either has no idea what he’s talking about or is deliberately trying to mislead the general public.”

In recent years, Vettel has become increasingly outspoken on environmental issues. He began using a bicycle instead of a car to travel to races and organized post-race garbage collection to clean up the tracks.

“All these green things he’s been doing lately – picking up trash, riding bikes, etc. – it’s totally green stuff, not something he really believes in,” continued Di Grassi, who competed in one F1 race for Virgin in 2010. “Therefore, [whether] whether he likes the series or not, he should support it. That’s all.”

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